Grace Doucette

Grace Doucette

Veterinary Assistant

Since a very young age I have always had love for animals, while the other kids were playing with dolls I was playing with my little stuffed animals. The passion for animals did not stop, everyone called me snow white with all the animals coming to me anywhere we went and having dark hair. Over the years I had many different pets.

I grew up here in the Niagara region, and after high school I took the year off to figure out schooling. Once I knew I attended Sheridan College for animal care and from there I learned so much and it gave me such a better understanding why I want to make working with animals my future.

I have two cats Jasper and Leo, Jasper came to me 9 years ago when a family friend could no longer take care of him and since then he has been my best friend, fast forward to last year ending my first semester at school I actually adopted Leo from the shelter inside the school and he has been a crazy ball of energy added to my family.

I am so excited to be a part of the the team and I cannot wait to see what the future has to offer!